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National League Certification Management is protecting youth sports so youth sports protects it’s most valuable asset, “The Youth”.

Through our partnerships with youth sports organizations, leagues, schools and youth sports leaders nationwide, NLCM has helped thousands by “Leveling the Playing Field” with 3rd party certification.

COO Ida Perkins and her staff have developed a Nationwide Network that has created a positive change while setting a new standard in youth league certification.

NLCM gains support from businesses like, Century 21 Mike Bowman, Sam’s Club, and Sports Authority and also provides non-profit revenue generating events nationwide. We support those who support our youth.

  • NLCM Program benefits
  1. Established to raise the professional and ethical standard in youth sports certification processes across the country

  2. Allows for a simple transition from self-league certification to 3rd Party Certification

  3. Parents are reassured  their children are competing on a level playing field

  4. Reduces discrimination for the naturally gifted athletes

  5. Aims to preserve the integrity of the game

  6. Most importantly, NLCM protects the teams’ most valuable asset, their players
  • NLCM  Network benefits
  1. Allows League Representatives to house a vast database of teams that have similar styles of play and requirements

  2. Enables leagues to find the right fit for any style of tournament play nationwide

  3. Allows leagues to have the freedom to operate under their own rules/regulations and also gives them security knowing their teams can travel and compete anywhere in the U.S. and abroad

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