Play It Safe ID Cards

National League Certification Management’s “Play It Safe” ID offers a unique and efficient solution to youth certification challenges.

NLCM sets the youth sports industry standard for youth league certification. We designed our player certification system to prevent and deter age-fraud in youth sports.

The ability to confirm that an athlete is the correct eligible age, grade or weight ultimately leads to a safer sports environment and a level playing field.

Safety and peace of mind

Parents can have confidence their young athlete is competing against same age opponents (competitive equality). This level playing field also promotes safety. Additionally, genetically gifted athletes will not be discriminated against as being too old.


Parents will know that their son or daughter’s birth certificate or vital information is not being exposed to the public. NLCM feels strongly about eliminating the “notebook of info” that teams carry to each event. Fact: cheating DOES occur.

How NLCM “Play It Safe” ID works

NLCM has an online secure system. Teams are certified by the National League Certification Management program and their information is then housed in a vast database online. The athlete is issued an NLCM identification number that will be with the athlete until the end of their youth sporting career. The NLCM identification number will be presented at tournaments and leagues assuring that your child is their true “sports-age, weight or grade”. A parent will not ever have to show a birth certificate at an NLCM sanctioned event.